Celebrating International Coworking Day

August 3, 2023

Any independent worker, freelancer, or small business owner will tell you: coworking fuels business growth and innovation. Though coworking had only come into its own in the past decade, its humble but vibrant beginnings date back to 1995 when computer engineers in Berlin created the first “hackerspace.”

Fast forward to August 9, 2005, the first coworking space in America opened its doors, hence the date of celebration. Founded by Brad Neuberg, this small space bore little resemblance to the coworking centers of today. Still, its legacy and spirit continued to grow and infiltrate a new generation of remote workers and entrepreneurs.

The allure of coworking was easy to understand. Working alone can be lonely and uninspiring. As creative humans, we are social creatures who thrive off interaction. When working alone, conversations, brainstorming, and simply switching gears to consider another’s viewpoint don’t happen. Coworking provides the answer, offering community, cooperation, and a palpable energy that fuels innovation.

Ways to Celebrate International Coworking Day

How will you celebrate Coworking Day? Here are a few ideas.

Spread the Word

If you’re a coworking enthusiast, you’re well-positioned to inform and educate others on the benefits of coworking. If you know other independent workers, invite them for a coworking day at Werkstatt360 so they can see and experience for themselves what makes your workplace so special. Chances are, there will be some celebrations happening on the day, so there’s no better time to drop by and get acquainted.

Host a Workshop

Think about what you bring to the table. Perhaps your fellow coworkers could benefit from your experience and knowledge! Leading a workshop not only enriches the lives of your coworking colleagues, but it may also help you make valuable business connections and raise your company’s visibility. Or, you could take it to the community, find out what they’d be interested in learning, and bring in a guest speaker. Entrepreneurship is a learning culture, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate.

Tell Your Story

Do you have an inspiring coworking experience to share? Write a blog, make a video, or create content around your story to mark the day and talk about how coworking has made a difference in your life or business success. Think about the relationships you’ve built, the wins along the way, and how your coworking center makes it all possible.

Visit Other Coworking Centers

We think Werkstatt360 is pretty awesome, and we know you do too, but why not get a group together and take a little city tour of other coworking facilities in the area? Chances are there will be celebrations happening everywhere and many connections to be made. And isn’t that the spice of coworking life? Get out there and represent!

Embracing the power and legacy of coworking is what August 9 is all about. Let’s celebrate International Coworking Day together!

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